We’d like to proudly announce that on the 19th of November 2017 a new important structure was created – Polska Sieć Tańca. Maciej Kuźmiński – the initiator and organizer of the Network, with the support of the Centre for Art and Culture in Siedlce, led to the official signing of a foundation document by 7 large dance houses in Poland.

Inauguracja Polskiej Sieci Tańca

The Network is based on clear rules for every participating partner and is design to facilitate the circulation of polish dance productions within the country. The Founding members are Lublin Dance Theatre / Centre for Culture in Lublin ( represented by Ryszard Kalinowski ), Kielce Dance Theatre ( Grzegorz and Elżbieta Pańtak ), Art Stations Foundation / Old Brewery New Dance in Poznań ( Joanna Leśnierowska ), Krakow Choreographic Centre / Nowohuckie Culture Centre ( Agata Moląg ), Rozbark Theatre ( Adrian Lipiński ), Institute of Music and Dance ( Joanna Leśnierowska ), A. Meżerycki Centre for Culture and Art in Siedlce / Caro Dance Theatre ( Iwona Orzełowska ), and Regional Centre for cross-boarder Art in Krosno ( Dorota Cząstka ).



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