The rehearsals for the performance Midsummer Night Dream in BITEF theater in Belgrade have just began. Serbian premiere is planned for October 2018. The pre-premiere will take place on July 23 at the Tivat Summer Festival.

Maciej Kuźmiński creates a visionary new work for the BITEF Dance Theatre drawing from a known play Mid Summer Night Dream. The highly symbolic and exsistential work revolves around one pivotal character, that delves into a (dreamlike) world of the inner self, thus making an arch to Shakespeare’s concepts of illusion and somewhat inverting the idea of doubling. Here multiple impersonations of one character take the audience on a bizzare, yet beautiful journey to a world, where everyone is possible through the infinity of “i”.

BITEF theatre is a theatre without a permanent ensemble, open to all theatrical genres, from those theatrical in a wider sense to para-theatrical forms. BITEF dance company, which is currently run by Jelena Kajgo, is an elite dance company, whose work is done under the wing of BITEF theatre. So far, BITEF dance company has promoted local choreographers, from Dejan Pajović to Isidora Stanišić, Dalija Aćin and several others (eg. Guy Weismann, Jasmin Vardimon) who have collaborated in the past five years.

More information on the BITEF theatre website:


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