Selected out of over 300 entries from all over the world the solo show I Fought Piranhas pictures a woman tackling sexist social stereotypes.

Brilliantly executed by Monika Witkowska solo has already been acknowledged at the Solo Dance Contest in 2017 in Gdańsk, Poland. After the contest Mirosław Baran wrote in a review:

“A very interesting work […] taking up an important topic (labelling it as “feminist” would be condemning it to a gender ghetto, it’s a general human problem), the text enriched with a strong, expressive, consciously rigid movement”.

More about the work on the dedicated website.

On performance:

“Well I hold the rope
And I hold the sail
And I kept my papers
To keep from land in jail
And I fought piranhas
And I fought the cold
There was no one with me
I was all alone”

The White Stripes

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